The Era of the Mortals.

History as you know it
p. A disaster was long foretold by the oracle Isanti. In preparation, he had a giant cavern dug out underground. He gathered a large group of each of the races on the pangaea and sheltered them in the cavern. Using his magic, he put many enchantments to hide them, and finally a stasis field to preserve them until gods no longer roamed the material plane. p. Just as foretold by Isanti, a powerful wizard named Aghanim desired power over all else. He spent many years attempting to rise to godhood. Upon failing, he decided to destroy the gods instead. Using the wizard’s tower to amplify his power, he simultaneously linked every plane of existence and bound them to our lands. Each god , among other things, was pulled into the material plane. War began between the gods, even good gods have trouble sharing their plane with other good gods. All the while, Aghanim hid on his enchanted island in his wizards tower, waiting for the storm to pass.

Elementals, tieflings, spikers, chain devils, and many more powerful creatures were all pawns in these god wars. Eventually, the last two gods stood, Nerull and Pelor. Pelor took a last look at all the destruction caused by the divine entities. He began to prepare a massive surge that would disrupt all divine magic and finish the gods forever. Before he released this blast, he split his armor and spread his weapons across the land so maybe one day he can be returned. Nerull, seeing his inevitable fate, did the same. Pelor’s blast was so devastating that it tilted the entire planet, and split the edges of Pangaea into many small islands. The center of the blast is still scarred to this day, raw magic preventing anything from coming too close.
p. His work done, Aghanim closed the planes off, but was unable to return the planar beasts. The planar era had begun. With the gods being cast from Pangaea, the stasis field lifted. The races spread and began to take back the lands in a fierce struggle. Much time passed and after centuries of struggle, the last planar creature was destroyed, or so we think. The rifts were closed, though they remained unstable.
p. Rumor goes that Isanti imprisoned Aghanim on a desolate island and took over the wizard’s guild to protect Pangaea from another devastating war. Human clerics built a great city above the cavern that had protected them, supported by pillars of gold. It became the religious capital of Pangaea, not to everyone’s delight. The cult of Nerull and the order or Pelor are in a constant struggle to gather the pieces of armor, and weapons in hopes to resurrect their fallen gods. Clerics and paladins have been forced to turn to arcane magic to cast their formerly divine spells.

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